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I’m currently a Solutions Engineer at RStudio remotely based in Pittsburgh, PA. I have a degree in Economics with a focus in Statistics.

After school, I began working for a digital marketing agency building predictive models for search engine marketing (and optimization) campaigns at the keyword and ad group levels. This was my first professional programming experience - programming in SAS and SQL, mostly for data science and analytics. Lots of ARIMA models…but I got hooked on the ability to create 😄.

Fast forward through an 8 year stretch at SAS working in consulting, product management, and software development [management]. Over time, I’ve gravitated away from the data analysis arena into a more engineering-centric space using Python for general purpose programming and have dug deep into Vue.js as a JavaScript framework of choice. I also use and dabble in other tech depending on the need and project. That said, I really enjoy creating and building applications (across the stack) that focus on simplicity-of-use.

What can I say, I try to keep things simple. That, and emoji 🐶.

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